Level up your personal brand with a Hank Darby Patch

One of the things I love about Hank Darby patches is that they are so personal. We hand-craft them for a perfect fit with every hat. Each patch we design represents our unique love and interests whether that’s biking, the great state of Texas, or just enjoying the outdoors. When you wear a Hank Darby hat we want it to be a statement to the world. A way for you to stand out and level up your own unique personal brand. So what patch should you choose?

The Texas Rebel (Texas patch)
You’re a rebel at heart. You claim John Wayne and Clint Eastwood as your spirit animals. Football isn’t just a lifestyle to you - it’s a religion. You enjoy everything bigger. Your trucks, your hats, and your women. You have no concept of seasons. You laugh in the face of danger. In fact, if you could, Danger would be your legal middle name. You’re the type who would pull the tag off a mattress in front of a cop… just to stick it to the man. You prefer to eat your Texas toast only if it’s in the shape of Texas because, you know, it just tastes better…like freedom.
Wear this patch with pride you Texas rebel, you.

Ride or Die (Life on a bike)
You live your life for biking. You live it. You breath it. If you can walk it you would rather bike it instead. The rougher the terrain the better. Your are a road warrior…but on a bike. You like to put in the miles any chance you can. With this patch you let the world know you mean business.

The 90’s Kid (1986 patch)
You were born in the late 80’s but grew up in the 90’s. You remember when rollerblading was still cool, Saturday mornings were worth waking up for, contracting dysentery on the Oregon trail didn’t mean a hospital visit, dial-up tones, Slap Bracelets, and weekly Blockbuster visits for the newest movie release on VHS. Be kind, Rewind. This patch is a love letter to your childhood and a reminder of time long since past.

The Explorer (Escape patch wilderness)
There is no crevice you won’t explore, no body of water that you aren’t willing to conquer. You are naturally curious and ferociously bold in your desire to discover new and exciting places. From that questionable Chinese restaurant downtown, to the inevitable trip to the bathroom a few hours later, nothing will sway that drive for adventure. There ain’t no Mountain high enough, or river low enough to keep you from wearing this patch.

The Naturalist (Escape polar bear)
You are the type who wants to see the world in all its splendor and beauty as it was meant to be seen. You appreciate the natural order of things and spend most of your free time in the serenity of nature. Watching the migration of the swallow? Check. Whale watching? Check. Seeing the endangered Unicorn in its natural habitat? Double check. Ok, so maybe not Unicorns but you get the idea. The world is your oyster and you intend to see it all. Let this patch be your guiding light on that journey.